Hi!  Thank you for checking out Julie Alzaitoun Photography.  Please take your time and browse her site.  You will find a lot of fun images from Baby, Family, Bridal, Engagement and Wedding shoots.  Julie’s style incorporates nature and captures the moments you will want to treasure.

Julie became interested in photography over 14 years ago while living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  She moved there to teach SCUBA DIVING!  Her favorite activity!  Living in Mexico was so amazing and different that she wanted to capture every memory to take home and share with her family and friends.  She bought an inexpensive film camera and her images took on a photojournalistic approach.  She realized she had a love for photography….and probably wished she bought an under water camera to combine her two favorite things :-)

Now, Julie lives back in the DFW area and is raising two beautiful children!  Her photography has come a long way from the streets of Mexico and she looks forward to meeting you and your family and giving you your own memories to share!


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